Oscuro Diary ::: 01

So my webcomic OSCURO has been live for a few months now.  I have some twenty-something pages online — definitely not reflecting the number of weeks the site has been active.  I promised myself I’d do a page a week, but I need to make concessions for actual paying work (not to mention a couple of projects I’m behind on).

Osc 22 fbOSCURO is a webcomic with one foot in horror and the other in fantasy.  It tells the story of a little boy finding his way in the dark with nothing but a flashlight that he pulled off a skeleton, and that’s in the first page alone.  Simply put, OSCURO is the story I do for myself.  I know what’s going to happen and I know where the story is going, but I am as much a spectator as everyone else kind enough to visit the site.

A couple of years back, I played a video game called LIMBO — something I enjoyed immensely.  It left such a mark on me that I knew I had to one day do a dark story starring a child wandering through a creepy landscape.  I’m positive everyone who has played LIMBO can very easily detect the influence.  That, paired with my love for Miyazaki and J.D. Salinger resulted in OSCURO.  I of course realize I’m throwing around some giant names here, but all I’m doing is attempting to climb their titanic shoulders, hoping to see how far I can spit.

This comic is an exercise in discovery writing.  While I know where I need the protagonist to end up, and why, the how of it partially remains a mystery to me.  But it reveals itself to me, bit by bit.  As a result, I have absolutely no idea how long it will take to tell the full story.  I might fuck it up, and this whole thing might turn into a butt baby that I should never have bothered with, or it could be extremely rewarding and fulfilling — right now I’m simply enjoying the ride, and I’m thankful to everyone who has come along for it.

Read the webcomic on OscuroComic.tumblr.com

Judas: The Last Days (IDW)


TPB • FC • 180 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-214-2

Two thousand years after he betrayed Messiah, Judas Iscariot is still alive, wandering a world he doesn’t recognize. A world where the strangest of fictions have come true: monsters, immortals, gnome-librarians who monitor human history—they’re all real. And all Judas wants to do is kill himself. So why can’t he? The most transcendent story of the year is here in this all-new original graphic novel chronicling history’s preeminent backstabber and his quest for suicide.

Download: Sequestrian (Artbook)

seq 00Happy New Year, everyone.  The site’s been kinda quiet this past year with my schedule becoming a lot more congested, so I’ve only been able to do the odd personal piece every now and then, as well as a smattering of text pieces.  But I am still very thankful for the visits and the support.

To go with that sentiment is a new downloadable artbook collecting my personal favorite pieces from the past couple of years.  Sequestrian is a culmination of art experiments that pretty much allowed me to develop a secondary style to compliment my comic book stuff.

As with the previous artbook, Dystopium, all you need to do to get this book is tweet or share on Facebook.  Just follow the link and all will be well.  Thanks!