Noice 3

This is the third in a series of lists in which I share five soundtrack recommendations.  Specifically, these are tunes that I’ve found are great background noise when I’m busy drawing.  I know the Dark Knight Rises OST is already available online, but I have this personal rule of not really diving into a film … Continue reading Noice 3

Noice (Part 2)

Here’s the rest of my favorite soundtracks to listen to, especially when working at night.  Of course, it’s an ever-growing list and has a few left out… partially because I’ve gotten sick of them, but mostly because I can’t remember them all.  But yeah, below are a few more of my staples. Transformers I know, … Continue reading Noice (Part 2)

Noice (Part 1)

Can’t not have music playing when I work.  The pencils become stale and the inking tedious.  Sure I listen to a handful of bands, but I tend to prefer instrumentals so I don’t have some guy telling me what to think the music is trying to say — know what I mean?  And I guess, … Continue reading Noice (Part 1)