25 Random Things

1.) I work at home, drawing all day.  (It’s all downhill from here.)

2.) I drink too much coffee just to be lucid enough to work.  Nothing screams FOCUS more than being on the verge of getting stomach ulcers.

3.) I stick post-its on the outside of my bedroom door; they act as status messages saying “On deadline, do not disturb” or “Sleeping, go away.”  Today it is simply “Not sleeping… but go away anyway.”

4.) I’m told that I start talking in a weird quasi-Australian-Irish accent when I’m drunk.

5.) My project files are organized into three neat piles: “To do”, “Almost done”, and “You owe them money at this point.”

6.) I used to work in AOL’s Billing Department.

7.) My friends are convinced I am Holden Caulfield running Rob Gordon’s record shop.  But instead of records, it’s comics.  And instead of a winter cap, it’s a beanie.

8.) I have a sad habit of getting involved with women who don’t live in the same island as me.  It’s not a commitment issue, that’s just the way it’s been for absolutely no reason at all.

9.) A girl once stopped going out with me coz according to her “I cursed too well.”  I still don’t know what that means.

10.) I wear two leather straps on my left forearm.  One for luck, one as a symbol.

11.) I got bitten in the ass by a great dane once, but I didn’t drop the beers I was carrying and made it back to the party with a single stream of blood running down the side of my leg.  Rock.

12.) I used to play rhythm guitar and sing lead vocals in a college band.

13.) My specific friend circles are a mix of high school buddies, local comic artists, local musicians, and plain old nerds.

14.) Jin-Roh made me cry.

15.) I own a comic book tracing the early life of Pope John Paul II.

16.) I have a degree in Political Science, and that’s why I’m an artist.  What?

My right thumb is shorter than my left thumb.

18.) I will murder you in Counter-Strike.

As a child, I would spend entire afternoons looking at bugs through my uncle’s microscope.

20.) I work best when I have someone or something important to ignore.  So I sometimes hit my mail, click the inbox, then work without lifting my head again for hours.

21.) I sometimes say things just to push buttons.

I don’t like you.

23.) I have gone ape-shit fanboy over many bands over the years, but the one constant favorite since even before high school has been Third Eye Blind.

24.) I listen to everything but reggae.

25.) I’m hungry.

I’m Vaaaaaaaaaalid!

Wesley and the gang over at Indy Comic News are running a series of features showcasing indie creators, and who should the bottle happen to point to next but my dumb self…

ICN: What will be your focus for 2009 in regards to your projects, networking, and growing your career/business?

JA: I’d like to work on an OGN and have it published later this year. Nothing big, probably just a slightly oversized one-shot. It’d also be great to get a pitch picked up, so I’ll definitely be putting a real effort into that. Marvel or DC may be somewhere down the line, but I definitely need to strengthen some ties in that department and bang out a fresh set of samples apart from my indie stuff.

Yes, I behaved myself.  The rest of the interview can be read here.

deanna-and-manoloAlso, my friend Deanna over in Colorado recently sent me some love via the myspaceseses on the internets.

::: ::: :::

She thinks I’m adorable.


::: ::: :::

Order The Mask of Manolo here.



ep2011::: ::: ::: Tres Komikeros episode 20 ::: ::: :::

Horror Classics: Child of Alchemy

Finally got to set aside a chunk of time today so that I could make a little something for myself.  I’ve been meaning to get back to the Horror Classics series for a while, but work’s been keeping me occupied.

Anyway… Frankenstein’s monster.

It’s heavily inspired by the De Niro-Branagh rendition because I felt that stayed truest to Shelley’s original text.  I decided to have him sort of licking himself to connote a perverted nature.  The creature was always nothing but a construct of flesh and pure animal instinct, so I hope that carries across here.


I screwed up the tongue in the initial stages, but I think I corrected it in the colors phase.


Prints available at my DA store.

Try Everything Once

I get bored really easily.  Call it Attention Deficit, Creative Promiscuity, or even just pure, plain ol’ idiocy — I can’t sit still and only do one thing for very long.  Can’t focus.  I’m a racoon.  And the fact that I’m developing a tolerance over my preferred brand of coffee isn’t helping my case much, coz when I can’t focus and can’t muster up some energy… I just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling.

So I try something new.

I-Doser Labs is the leading producer of Binaural Brainwave CDs and computer applications. Using proven, scientific, and safe methods of synchronizing your brainwaves; a simulated state can be achieved through the use of our advanced audio CDs, or the I-Doser Application, and a pair of high quality stereo headphones.

Digital Brainwave Narcotics.  Sounds pretty safe, right?  I can’t find an audio file called “Work, You Piece of Shit,” so I try out a dose called “Content.”  I figure that’ll help me be happy doing one thing at a time and thus not have to rush and lose focus — also, yes, I’m aware that this whole thing could be nothing more than a glorified placebo with fancy techy shit and a slick interface, but I’m desperate —  and it actually feels like it worked… maybe a little better than it should have though.  I end up just wanting to stay in bed for longer than I’d like to admit.

But then I think of something else I can do.  Another dose is called Lucid Dream.  Huh.  I roll that around on my braintongue for a while and decide it tastes like a Subconscious Stimulant.  So I figure that if I use that but don’t sleep and drink coffee on top of it all, I’d be more awake than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

::: ::: ::: ::: :::

I have a mild bit of the shakes now.  Not exactly tremors, but when I stick my hand in the air, it starts to fidget.  I’ve been at the desk maybe five hours straight though.  I’ll just say that’s a good thing.  I’ll say it worked.

Project updates to follow.


bastardsGot together with some friends over the weekend to help some Fine Arts majors out with a paper on Sequential Art Professionalism, or some other equally oxymoronic misnomer.  I just call it that now for lack of a better… uh… nomer.  I can only guess we were selected to be interviewed to add some sense of volume to a subsection about how not to go about becoming overnight successes.

Good times though.  Julian and Isteb (I still say that’s his ninja name), the fine arts guys in question, certainly knew how to get us talking what with the free beers and crap.  It was the shutting up that took a bit of doing.


Back to work.

Strip Teaser

overthrow-teaseJustin Jordan’s superhero quasi-political kicksplode punchfest goes to pitch in a coupla weeks, and both of us have invested quite a bit in this project (basic hygiene and social lives notwithstanding) so… wish us luck.  Here goes nothin’.

We Have an Office and Everything

As promised, PATCHWORK COMICS has begun its diffusion into the collective comic psyche:

The Mask of Manolomanolo-plug2
Issue #1, 28pgs, b&w, color cover.
Alveraz Ricardez
John Amor
Ed Brisson

In the wake of his Mother’s suicide a young man falls into the delusional world of El Fabuloso Caballero, a quixotic crusader on a quest to save the world from itself. After falling in love with a precocious young girl with cancer, Manolo embarks on an adventure to save his symbolic sweetheart and redeem himself of his past misfortunes. Meanwhile his hapless father sets out to find his runaway son and return him to reality.

This 12-part series blends a poetic story by Alveraz Ricardez with poignant and clean pencils by John Amor. With letters by Ed Brisson these three cohesive artists come together and drive a passionate albeit quirky stake through the heart of all indie-lovers seeking unique characters and a breathtaking adventure.

Buy.  This.  Comic.

Also available at the site are Karl Slominski’s ballsy sci-fi tale RAYGUN COWBOYS, a whole slew of retarded-fresh webcomics, and some nifty loot.  So get on over there and put one of us through college.