Comic Creator Dream Teams

Took a break from my desk today to get myself some comfort food — hot wings over at the pizza place. Had to walk too, coz they’re building this flyover/skyway thing. A cab woulda taken forever coz of all the detours. My iPod bailed, so I got bored just sitting there and waiting. I didn’t feel like drawing, coz this was supposed to be a break after all, so instead of whipping out my little notepad to sketch… I wrote a list of creators I’d put on certain books if I had the power of the beyonder. A coupla my favorite artists are slow as all shit, heck some of them don’t even do interiors anymore! Guess that’s why it’s called a dream team, ey? Aaaahhh… clever ~_~

1.) Swamp Thing – Grant Morrisson and Frank Quitely
2.) Next Wave – Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire
3.) Fantastic Four – Mark Waid and J. Scott Campbell
4.) Teen Titans – Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen
5.) Superman – Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch
6.) Batman – Warren Ellis and Steve McNiven
7.) X-men – Paul Jenkins and Adam Hughes
8.) Spider-man – Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira
9.) Avengers – Rick Remender and Olivier Coipel
10.) Lobo – Garth Ennis and Leinil Yu

Do not shit on my dreams.

6 thoughts on “Comic Creator Dream Teams”

  1. Yu on Lobo? Nah, his art is way too lanky and his people are too slim. Lobo has the stature of a doorframe, not a toothpick.

    But Quitely on Swamp Thing seems like a perfect match to me. It was a bit of “But why, of course!”-moment reading that. It just makes sense.

    Teen Titans might as well be done by Todd Nauck. He did a fabulous job on American Dream, Wild Guard and Young Justice. So he can do teen stuff pretty well.

  2. McNiven has good night scenes in Civil War, but I still find his art too “bright” for Batman. Maybe if he does Wonder Woman.. mmmmmmmmm.

  3. Of all the suggestions (which are all interesting, no doubt.) the one that pops out and screams “YES” to me the most is Millar and Hitch on SUPERMAN. I’d greatly love to see that book. (All Star Style, not in the core DC Universe.)

  4. i believe an inker and a colorist can add the right feel to mcnivens work if needed. but my choice? teen titans with immonen. how could that not work?

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