My Comic Event Wishlist

I got a bit bored at my Clark Kent job today, so I thought up a little ditty of a list of the top ten comic-related things I would like to see… and soon damn it!!! … in no particular order.

1.) Tim Roth and Ewan McGregor vying for a Spider Jerusalem role

2.) Pixar and Timm Studios announcing collaborations

3.) Matt Fraction on Nextwave; Stuart Immonen on Teen Titans

4.) Frazetta Films

5.) A Big Summer Event with a Definite End and Lasting Repercussions

6.) A Good Spider-man Film

7.) “Back to the Future” Comics

8.) Hawkman Done Well

9.) Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire Back Together… on ANYTHING!

10.) A Warren Ellis Figure Among Artists

4 thoughts on “My Comic Event Wishlist”

  1. 1. Yes!
    2. What? I don’t know how the visual styles would work out, there. Aside from that, I actually like the idea of Pixar creating their OWN characters rather than licensed properties.
    3. Huh.
    4. 😀
    5. Hell yes; we need one of those. Supposedly that’s what Secret Invasion is, but you just know that once it’s over, they’ll do a new one. Like JoeQ said: “Fans vote with their money,” so unless everyone stops buying them, we’ll keep seeing more.
    6. Never happen.
    7. I don’t know… great idea, but movie comics usually suck. Man, we really need a good Alien comic with a Giger/Nihei-style artist…
    8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Ditto #6.
    9. I could dig it.
    10. What, you mean like someone who experiments a lot with shit, or a badass who would like to stick eels up your arse?

  2. About number 10, I’m talking about a really strong artist personality who kindasorta acts like a rallypoint for artists. Y’know? Kinda like Warren is. It’d be awesome if that guy could also do something White Chapel-ish…

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