Download: Urban Animal #1

We’re closing in on a year since I spoke with male strippers Rey and Tom over at Big Ape Design and decided to dig up this decade-old comic and give it proper distribution.  Originally titled “Beast Boy Joe” (I know, I know…) this was something I now want to refer to as a quasi-biography.  The book is now available for download for three reasons — firstly, as my attempt at participation in this admirable 100 Araw ng Komiks movement local creators are advocating.  Second, to stir up some attention and to get people ready for #2 (which was also drawn about a decade ago).  And third, because I love stories, and I love you.

This .cbr file features the first full issue of the mini-series, minus the bonus sketches and introductory text.  Urban Animal is © John Amor and Fort Bastard Studios.

Download Urban Animal #1.

Download in PDF

3 thoughts on “Download: Urban Animal #1”

  1. I enjoyed issue 2 w/o reading issue 1! Awesome read plus the art is really cool. Now that I have read issue 1, I can say that I’m looking forward to more Urban Animal. Let’s see some flying dinos in the mix! :))

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