Breaking the Seal

I’m a huge fan of comic-centric work journals such as Gelatometti (the Wildstorm Studios moblog) and Matt Fraction’s Poplife from back in the day, and though I already have an account over at DeviantArt, I figured having my own little nook would be interesting—my own little cottage next to the cramped apartment, as it were.

This work journal is meant to give any and all (if any at all) who are interested a peek behind the curtain at my work process, my work “ethic” (snicker), and the things I do to—how you say?—keep them pencils sharp.

When you think about making a living and specifically living comfortably, an artistic profession is not what readily comes to people’s minds. For many actually, it’s all but synonymous to a one-way route to Loserville. But understand that artistry is no mere profession. It is no mere title or label.

Art is a choice.

My name’s John. I draw comics.

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