I’m Vaaaaaaaaaalid!

Wesley and the gang over at Indy Comic News are running a series of features showcasing indie creators, and who should the bottle happen to point to next but my dumb self…

ICN: What will be your focus for 2009 in regards to your projects, networking, and growing your career/business?

JA: I’d like to work on an OGN and have it published later this year. Nothing big, probably just a slightly oversized one-shot. It’d also be great to get a pitch picked up, so I’ll definitely be putting a real effort into that. Marvel or DC may be somewhere down the line, but I definitely need to strengthen some ties in that department and bang out a fresh set of samples apart from my indie stuff.

Yes, I behaved myself.  The rest of the interview can be read here.

deanna-and-manoloAlso, my friend Deanna over in Colorado recently sent me some love via the myspaceseses on the internets.

::: ::: :::

She thinks I’m adorable.


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Order The Mask of Manolo here.



ep2011::: ::: ::: Tres Komikeros episode 20 ::: ::: :::

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