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Been getting a lot of helpful feedback from editors lately. Stuff I should continue doing, stuff I should develop (a.k.a. “just toss out and replace with something better”). They tell me via chat and email that I am among the top twenty-to-fifteen artists that stood out in Chesterquest. Encouraging news, that. Comforting, at least. I’ll keep it as a blanket for a while. Am now in a list of “alternates” who are waiting for projects to be tossed our way. They’re real friendly about it and making sure I know that I’m being considered for future projects. You guuuuuyysss…

I receive my copies of Wonderlost 2 in the mail. My first published semi-pro work. My goose pimples get heart attacks. I read it on my way to work and am slightly humbled by all of C.B. Cebulski’s women. Way to live, Ceeb. Who says comic geeks don’t get any???


I jump into more sequential samples. Write a six-page Nextwave sample plot (not a script per se) that test a lot of the artist’s group interaction illustration skills. I’ll be posting the script here once I’m done with page three. I’ll be posting the pages thereafter.
I recently finished a requested piece (via DA) for a friend over in Taiwan. He dared me to draw some G.I. Joe characters fighting some WildC.A.T.s. Here’s a very concise peek at what went into that.

I decided to use Cats Warblade, Zealot, and Grifter, since they are the most combat-ready of the group; while from the Joes I chose Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and Tunnel Rat (initially). Below is the thumbnail I made to visualize the image. I always find it very helpful to do about two or three variations of the image I have in my head. This was the most decent of the three.

Not to get too artsy-fartsy, but whenever I know I have a large composition for a cover or pin-up, I always fall back onto the Rule of Thirds. This allows for a really balanced and (at least) professional-looking compo. You’ll notice that each character is more or less in a sector of his/her own.

The final piece, though essentially true to the thumbnail I used, had a lot of modifications. Snake Eyes’s arms are different, because I realized half way through the drawing process that his right wrist (in the thumbnail) looked like it was about to break. Not good. I scrapped Tunnel Rat and went for Beach Head, coz the latter’s lack of gear allowed for a more dynamic pose. Plus he’s a much better opponent for Grifter.

Lastly, I sorta stretched Zealot out a bit more to make her look more like she was straining. Buscema’s lessons from the good book came in handy there. Lotsa stuff I ended up unhappy with in this piece, but it’s generally decent, I think, and it was a good fun trip down fanboy country. Where them senseless crossovers happen.

Back to them Nextwave pages.

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