The Urban Animal

Almost ten years back, when I was still in college, I somehow got it in my head that a snotty little punk with animal powers would make for an amusing read.  Because I had been involved with local comic movements that had then just hung up their hats, I needed an outlet to at least keep the juices flowing.  BEAST BOY JOE was a semi-autobiographical comic which drew a lot from my days in UP.  It was a personal project that I had drawn up to 66 pages for (with script assists by my good friend Eric Menguito), but none of it ever saw print… mainly because it was really something intended just for me…  but also because I had no clue who would want to publish it.

Earlier this year, manly men Rey Siasar and Tom Perez from Big Ape Design approached me and asked if I had any material I wanted to develop into actual titles, and I jumped at the chance to resurrect Joe and hopefully finish the story.  I’ve been redoing  the dialogue since June, on and off, as my other projects remain top priority, but issue number one looks like it may very well be ready for the Cebu Comicon this September 25th.  The book will still have the same art from all those years ago, with touch-ups here and there, but with an all-new script, so as to update the jokes and shit.

Simply retitled THE URBAN ANIMAL, my pop-culture mash-up description for it would be The Catcher in the Rye meets The Incredible Hulk.  With some Archie thrown in.  It’s a 4-issue black-and-white original graphic novel that’s literally just been waiting almost ten years to get published — a fun little romp I can’t wait to violate you people with.  Give me money for it.

Reign of the Ripper

For over a year now, I’ve been working with Wolfgang Parker to craft a story of Victorian horror worthy of the legend of Jack the Ripper.  1888 is a unique take on the White Chapel mythos that I believe draws in Hellboy fans, Classic Horror aficionados, and Crime Noir enthusiasts.  The project is currently on, as we are welcoming pledges and participants in the sharing of the creative process.  I’ll let Wolfgang tell you more, as he is slightly prettier than me.  but only by a little bit.

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Tres Komikeros 44

John, Alex, and Migs volt in to bring you reviews of Millar and McNiven’s Nemesis #1, Green Lantern #52, and Uncanny X-Men #522! After a round of quickshots, the boys discuss the official news about Evans being Captain America, the Image Guardians of the Globe teasers, and the Scott Pilgrim movie trailer. Lastly, the panel discussion has the boys asking the question: “Which comic character should already die of old age?”

Also look out for the new segment entitled “Spoil Me” interspersed throughout the show. Deal with it, kids.


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Tres Komikeros 04

In this episode, EJ, Alex, and I review:

We also have a round of War of Thumbs discussing the recent influx of TV-show comics, political content in comic books, and the censorship of All-Star Batman #10. To cap it off, we crossfired points about the difference between comics and graphic novels… assuming of course that there really is one. You can also download the episode here.

Waiting on the Wonder

So I’m still waiting for Wonderlost 2 to come out. Sent finished pages off to C.B. Cebulski back in early December 2007. For those of you who don’t follow indie titles, Wonderlost is pretty much C.B.’s autobio piece. The first issue (which I ordered for research and stuff once I got the gig) was released in January of 2007. It had stuff by Alina Urusov, Khoi Pham, Ethan Young, and a few other talents. Great cover by Leinil Yu.

Issue two, to my knowledge, is currently in mid-production. Printing or something. It’s my first official professional gig with an actual publisher, so I’m pretty much all shits and giggles over it. Pride button engaged. Small steps, I suppose. Here’s a pic of the cover by Steve McNiven.

Breaking the Seal

I’m a huge fan of comic-centric work journals such as Gelatometti (the Wildstorm Studios moblog) and Matt Fraction’s Poplife from back in the day, and though I already have an account over at DeviantArt, I figured having my own little nook would be interesting—my own little cottage next to the cramped apartment, as it were.

This work journal is meant to give any and all (if any at all) who are interested a peek behind the curtain at my work process, my work “ethic” (snicker), and the things I do to—how you say?—keep them pencils sharp.

When you think about making a living and specifically living comfortably, an artistic profession is not what readily comes to people’s minds. For many actually, it’s all but synonymous to a one-way route to Loserville. But understand that artistry is no mere profession. It is no mere title or label.

Art is a choice.

My name’s John. I draw comics.