Making Faces

I never really feel comfortable sitting still and waiting for word to come in about things I’m waiting for word on — I’m sorry if that’s not vague enough, I’ll try harder next time — so Jad and I are plowing forward with our joint comic venture.  Just in case you didn’t catch previous mentions of HARBINGER WAR, it’s a Zuda pitch we’re collaborating on.  Set in the distant past, it’s gonna play with a lot of sci-fi elements (her department) while balancing all the smart stuff with monsters and boobies (my department).

hw-sketch-wjShe’s turned in a draft for the initial script, and together we’re whittling that down to the smoothest and tightest read it can possibly be.  No specific looks for specific characters have been established yet, which is why I’m still playing with design aesthetics and mix n’ matching elements.  Prehistoric-set stories tend to be pastiche pieces, wardrobe-wise, so I’ll need to take a few liberties, stylistically.  They had lip gloss back then right?  Right.  Sweet.