Not until illness renders you physically unable to work do you truly appreciate the work that you have in front of you.  It’s June in the Philippines, and with the change of season comes a drastic change in my constitution. I’ve been stuck in bed for the better part of this past week, sucking on air while my wife took care of me and made sure our home didn’t go to shit.  I’ve been stricken by a bad case of the flu, which has been threatening to wake my asthma up something fierce.  We’ve missed X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern, but I might be at 100% just in time for us to catch one of them.

Been toying with the idea of aiming for two pages a day lately, but Jad says I should ease it into five pages a week while I’m still recuperating.  She knows my limits a lot better than I do these days.

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The Tres Komikeros podcast has been on hold for half of June, no small thanks to me being a sorry pile of ache… but we’ll probably be back in full swing this coming Friday.  Alex has been itching for comic conversation, which is hard to come across in his all-work-oriented Singaporean Surroundings.

I’ve been catching up on some random things on my own though, while stuck in bed:

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

A much better anthology than Gotham Knight was, mainly due to the strong through-line anchoring the little tales.  Art direction was very Dragonball in a lot of the fights, but that actually made it work a lot better than Jad and I expected.  A great primer for the film, even though it isn’t Hal centric.


The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

For some bizarre reason I’d really rather not think about, my buddy Migs procured an entire season of this show and promptly recommended it to me.  Granted, I wasn’t under heavy medication when he did, but seeing this now makes me think this is probably how Charlie Sheen feels… all the time.


Warlord of Mars (Dynamite)

I loved the original Burroughs books.  I love the Frazetta paintings.  This series is respectful to both, and though the text can be cumbersome at times, I feel there is a very real effort to capture the soul of Barsoom, making this a sometimes-steep read that is well worth the climb.  This could use a PG tag on the cover though.  No sex is depicted, but thinly veiled nudity (though tasteful) should still be filtered.


So yeah.  Space Cop.  Weird Cabin Boy.  And Barbaric Nudists.

Never let it be said my tastes don’t vary.

Tres Komikeros 42

John, EJ, and Migs volt in this week (but not the way you would think… sicko) and review Flash: Rebirth #6, New Avengers #62, and Blackest Night #7.  After a round of Quick Shots and War of Thumbs, the bastards discuss the possibility of burn out caused by an over-saturation of comic book films in the cinemas.


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