Horror Classics II: The Devil’s Concubine

Wrapping up HC2 with my take on the stereotypical witch.  A lot of thinking went into this, as I tried to envision evil crones from The Blair Witch Project and Hansel and Gretel.  God knows I’d hate to run into this lovely lady at the end of a candy trail.  I also realize the word concubine may hint at a less… how can I say this nicely… butt-ugly specimen… but I was also thinking about that one Hellboy story, entitled The Chained Coffin, which tells the story of an old witch who had once consorted with demons in her youth and thus was tainted for the rest of her days.

Horror Classics II: Tainted Vessel

Expanding on what is turning into an accidental experiment in the use of greens, below is my rendition of a possessed girl.  I’m fairly proud of this, mainly coz I refused to browse Google Images for reference… for reasons I will keep to myself.  What… I was eleven when I saw The Exorcist, okay?  With this piece, I thought it’d be interesting to go all Drew Struzan and apply a backlight effect.  I think it came out pretty cool.

Horror Classics II: Icthyan Lurker

Wasn’t really in the mood to work on this rainy Saturday, so I decided I’d revisit a theme that was great fun for me the first time around.  And here I kick off HORROR CLASSICS II, with the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Like most people, I do a grayscale version of the artwork to define dimensionality in the piece.  This phase used to take me forever to do, and though I haven’t drastically changed anything in my coloring process, the use of a tablet certainly makes it a shit ton faster (and less painful).

Most of you can probably also tell that I drew a lot from Monster Squad, coz I feel the original version of the creature just looks a bit too dopey.  I like to think of it as a piranha-frog man, and that fed it into what you guys see above.

When Things Get Hairy

amor-werewolf-previewWoke up a bit groggy from a work binge the other day, and I was out of coffee… so after an arctic shower, I warmed up by finishing the line art for the Werewolf Horror Classics piece.  The rough sketch was barely discernible as a lycanthrope, I think.  This illustration was finished live on Ustream while talking shit with a coupla buddies via Skype… I’ll do that more often to get the joints ready in the morning (half past noon), but it’s back to work for now.


Felt the sudden urge to dive back into the HORROR CLASSICS series today and drew my version of the Wolf-man.  I’m not a big fan of the classic “shaggy man” look Nicholson sported in “Wolf,” and the Lycanthropes in “Underworld” I think just resemble balding bears; but I remember this film entitled “Bad Moon,” and I recall that rendition being nothing but absolutely badass, so I’ll try bringing some of that into my piece.


It’ll also be a bit of a departure from the previous three pieces coz I’ll have to pull the camera back a bit to convey a sense of size to the creature.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t end up lookin’ like Yogi going postal though.

Horror Classics: Child of Alchemy

Finally got to set aside a chunk of time today so that I could make a little something for myself.  I’ve been meaning to get back to the Horror Classics series for a while, but work’s been keeping me occupied.

Anyway… Frankenstein’s monster.

It’s heavily inspired by the De Niro-Branagh rendition because I felt that stayed truest to Shelley’s original text.  I decided to have him sort of licking himself to connote a perverted nature.  The creature was always nothing but a construct of flesh and pure animal instinct, so I hope that carries across here.


I screwed up the tongue in the initial stages, but I think I corrected it in the colors phase.


Prints available at my DA store.