The Deadbolt Witch

As moon looms high and head hangs low,
There sits terror in the hearts that know
That be you simple or be you rich
Your home may harbor the Deadbolt Witch.

Mottled skin of ashen gray,
Eyes so black they blot the day.
If you so spy her be not brave
Know that your children you cannot save

Best keep her out of house and home,
Sure to lock up when you’re alone;
For if the deadbolts you forget,
A laugh from your quarters you will regret.

Horror Classics II: Restless Corpse

HC2 continues with my illustration of a zombie.  And who doesn’t love zombies?  I’m a huge fan of Tony Moore’s work, and The Walking Dead was an absolute favorite of mine when he was still on it.  Moore actually applies the completely realistic detail of the lips and tongue being the first couple of things to visibly decompose or be consumed by maggots.  This piece can be compared to THE CURSED KING and CHILD OF ALCHEMY, with biggest difference being the blankness of the stare, which the other two pieces didn’t have.

Reign of the Ripper

For over a year now, I’ve been working with Wolfgang Parker to craft a story of Victorian horror worthy of the legend of Jack the Ripper.  1888 is a unique take on the White Chapel mythos that I believe draws in Hellboy fans, Classic Horror aficionados, and Crime Noir enthusiasts.  The project is currently on, as we are welcoming pledges and participants in the sharing of the creative process.  I’ll let Wolfgang tell you more, as he is slightly prettier than me.  but only by a little bit.

Back this Project.

Tres Komikeros 41

John, Alex, and Migs return with a boatload of reviews with their spotlights (eew?) shining on Power Girl #9, Devil #1, and DoomWar #1. After a hefty round of quick shots, the boys discuss the recent big changes in the big offices with Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, and Jim Lee each getting title upgrades. The show is capped off with a panel discussion about the komikeros’ expectations for the New Heroic Age and Brightest Day. Listen and learn, kids.


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The gears’ve started to turn on the Victorian horror project with punk  Wolfgang Parker EPswing pioneer Wolfgang Parker.

Haven’t shared much about it on the journal for very specific, very delicate reasons.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll slap you in the face with it again anyway — can’t let anyone in on any juicy details or the terrorists win.  Nyaha! Deal with it.  But no yeah, I’ve just recently completed my share of the work for the initial stages of the project, so here’s hoping something clicks and bursts into flames.  The good kind of course.

Balanced out with the high-octane, pulp approach I’m using for JENNY STRANGE, I’ve subdued my camera and physicalities for this project as I wanted it to feel… real.  Or at least as real as a drawn piece of work can be, given that my work is intrinsically cartoony.  Coated my style with a Mignola-Fegredo luster, which I’m hoping I pulled off without having to dampen too much of my own spices.  Yes, I totally just compared myself to a sprig of basil.  Fairly happy with the results.


Vague enough for you?  Good.

Anyway… so that’s that.  Worked pretty steadily on this one.

Blame it on the season.