Getting caught up on House episodes. I was relatively late to the whole TV-series thing, and so I’ve got a whole zoo of stuff I’m yet to watch.  The Shield, CSI, The Wire, The Sopranos — you name it, I haven’t seen it.  Unless it’s Entourage, which is the shit.  My brother collects DVDs as opposed to my comics, so I sure don’t have a problem getting new flicks and shows.  I should do a “things I watch(ed)” journal entry or whatever.  Currently on season two of House. The Leonard-Laurie bromance is always fun.  Doc Cameron is hot.  And the soundtrack is flawless.  Good show.  Apparently a coupla years’ worth of Emmys can’t be wrong.


In one episode, Hugh Laurie goes, “I don’t work hard.  I work smart.”


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Internet did it’s job perfectly and very efficiently distracted me from work this week.  And that’s not even counting the hours I spent Wednesday morning glued to CNN for the election coverage.  So… no, not a very productive week, work-wise.  Only got a total of two (maybe three, if I tighten this WWII scene tonight) inked pages of OVERTHROW! out the door, though I did get to do revisions on some old pages.  I’m quite happy with how those turned out, so it ain’t all bad.  I’ve apparently arrived at some action scenes in the issue (finally!), and I work fairly quickly through those.  For some reason though, I always hit a slump after every action page.  I don’t quite know why that is yet, but the pre-work warm ups are definitely helping me not to cool too far down. More on those later.

Taking my sweet time with the concept sketches for the horror project. I’ve stumbled upon an approach that has somehow allowed me to maintain my style but adopt a whole new aesthetic to it. It’s subtle, but it’s there.  Been studying the little differences in Humberto Ramos’ work between Crimson and X-men, that sorta thing.  Buncha Hellboy trades are helping too.

::: Tres Komikeros Episode 10 :::

I said I’d do a  sketch a day this week, and so far it has helped a lot in getting me in the groove in the mornings (read 2 pm… heh…), so here they are, along with some commentary.  They each took about an hour tops, that being the time limit I gave myself, me being great with deadlines and all:

sinestro-11-03-08-bbMONDAY: I read a Red Lanterns book for last week’s podcast and I just suddenly found Sinestro cool, despite me never having been a fan.  This is a shot of him inviting you to be part of his corps.  My foreshortening needs work.

darkseid-11-04-08-bbTUESDAY: Again, inspired by a previous episode of the podcast, I couldn’t resist doing a Darkseid piece after seeing the last page of Final Crisis #4.  Nothing special to say about this though, it was just fun.

crichton-tribute-by-john-amorWEDNESDAY: Michael Crichton’s books and resultant films played a pivotal role in me getting serious about art — this was for him.

power-girl-11-05-08-bbTHURSDAY: Election day, so I couldn’t resist writing a little something extra on PG’s cape… clasp… thing.  She’s actually a bit tough to draw without making her look top-heavy.  i might’ve fucked this up.

zatanna-11-07-08-bbFRIDAY: Took a suggestion from Viking Alex so I wouldn’t end up choosing easy characters to draw.  Having lotsa blacks on a character is always fun… and speedy!

Marvel stuff next week.