This tends to happen when I take my coffee a little too late, hoping to squeeze a twenty-fifth… twenty-sixth hour out of a day.  My head is racing from the brew, but my eyeballs haven’t drunketh of the same cup.  This is either a flaw of strategy or of design.

Note: Invent eyeball coffee.  Market as “Coffee for Your Eyeballs” to avoid confusion.

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The logo for Element shoes looks, to me anyway, like the Red Horse logo.

Yesterday, I burnt my left hand a bit, cooking smoked milkflish.  Worth it.

My wife is enjoying REM sleep. Why can’t I have nice things?

She asked me what my five favorite words were yesterday:  Geosynchronicity.  Anachronistic.  Ersatz.  Pastiche.  Zeitgeist.

Watching Fast 5 (if that’s the title) with her and a coupla friends this Wednesday.  I forget how that happened.

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Eyeball coffee should come in five blends:  Cinnamon.  Oak.  Mint tea.  Denim.  And teal.

I Know a Place…

empty-streetThis is the thing with me.  And it’s rung true (present perfect tense… what.) for as long as I’ve cared to notice — I do my best work at night.  Set my workstation up in a brightly lit room and I will get nothing done.  I don’t know how you weirdos do it.  I’m like a raccoon, I’m very easily attracted to and distracted by shiny things… so a well-lit area just leeches off my productivity.

I come alive in total darkness.  Oh yes.  Like Batman, minus a butler bringing me vichyssoise.  (What kind of idiot brings you cold soup when you’re working in a dank cave in the middle of the night anyway?) And as if I were in a cave, I like my work area to be illuminated by a singular light source, so that I am surrounded by darkness and thus almost shrouded in a cloak of indistractibility.

I don’t know if it’s an emo thing, or an eyestrain thing, or an ADD thing, or a headspace thing, or a body clock thing, or even a mixture of all of those eccentricities… but it is what it is.

And as I get ready for bed around half past four in the morning, I wait until that sliver of time between when the street lamps die and when the sun starts to rear its ugly head.  And for just long enough, I find myself in complete darkness… and it stops being a moment and starts being a place.  And it is a place no one can infect.  Because it is nowhere.  And here I revel in the lost silence of dreaming.

Try Everything Once

I get bored really easily.  Call it Attention Deficit, Creative Promiscuity, or even just pure, plain ol’ idiocy — I can’t sit still and only do one thing for very long.  Can’t focus.  I’m a racoon.  And the fact that I’m developing a tolerance over my preferred brand of coffee isn’t helping my case much, coz when I can’t focus and can’t muster up some energy… I just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling.

So I try something new.

I-Doser Labs is the leading producer of Binaural Brainwave CDs and computer applications. Using proven, scientific, and safe methods of synchronizing your brainwaves; a simulated state can be achieved through the use of our advanced audio CDs, or the I-Doser Application, and a pair of high quality stereo headphones.

Digital Brainwave Narcotics.  Sounds pretty safe, right?  I can’t find an audio file called “Work, You Piece of Shit,” so I try out a dose called “Content.”  I figure that’ll help me be happy doing one thing at a time and thus not have to rush and lose focus — also, yes, I’m aware that this whole thing could be nothing more than a glorified placebo with fancy techy shit and a slick interface, but I’m desperate —  and it actually feels like it worked… maybe a little better than it should have though.  I end up just wanting to stay in bed for longer than I’d like to admit.

But then I think of something else I can do.  Another dose is called Lucid Dream.  Huh.  I roll that around on my braintongue for a while and decide it tastes like a Subconscious Stimulant.  So I figure that if I use that but don’t sleep and drink coffee on top of it all, I’d be more awake than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

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I have a mild bit of the shakes now.  Not exactly tremors, but when I stick my hand in the air, it starts to fidget.  I’ve been at the desk maybe five hours straight though.  I’ll just say that’s a good thing.  I’ll say it worked.

Project updates to follow.