Glutton God Process

On a slow night, me and my buddy Sean will get on Skype and just shoot the shit as we work.  This personal piece, tentatively titled ‘Glutton God’, was a weekend painting I did for myself in-between pending projects, just to loosen up and let the air in a bit.  The absence of any need whatsoever for intellectual conversation redefines catharsis.  Here’s a glimpse into this foolishness.  I’m sorry.

Donning the Mask of Manolo

Just posting some process screenshots of the little online poster I did for Alveraz Ricardez’s MASK of MANOLO. I’m incredibly unorganized when I work in Photoshop, which is probably why I don’t do it very often, but I’m happy with how this piece came out.

Anyone see what I was listening to on Winamp? Haha.


Anyway, the final piece can be viewed (along with other Patchwork Comic covers) here.