25 Random Things

1.) I work at home, drawing all day.  (It’s all downhill from here.)

2.) I drink too much coffee just to be lucid enough to work.  Nothing screams FOCUS more than being on the verge of getting stomach ulcers.

3.) I stick post-its on the outside of my bedroom door; they act as status messages saying “On deadline, do not disturb” or “Sleeping, go away.”  Today it is simply “Not sleeping… but go away anyway.”

4.) I’m told that I start talking in a weird quasi-Australian-Irish accent when I’m drunk.

5.) My project files are organized into three neat piles: “To do”, “Almost done”, and “You owe them money at this point.”

6.) I used to work in AOL’s Billing Department.

7.) My friends are convinced I am Holden Caulfield running Rob Gordon’s record shop.  But instead of records, it’s comics.  And instead of a winter cap, it’s a beanie.

8.) I have a sad habit of getting involved with women who don’t live in the same island as me.  It’s not a commitment issue, that’s just the way it’s been for absolutely no reason at all.

9.) A girl once stopped going out with me coz according to her “I cursed too well.”  I still don’t know what that means.

10.) I wear two leather straps on my left forearm.  One for luck, one as a symbol.

11.) I got bitten in the ass by a great dane once, but I didn’t drop the beers I was carrying and made it back to the party with a single stream of blood running down the side of my leg.  Rock.

12.) I used to play rhythm guitar and sing lead vocals in a college band.

13.) My specific friend circles are a mix of high school buddies, local comic artists, local musicians, and plain old nerds.

14.) Jin-Roh made me cry.

15.) I own a comic book tracing the early life of Pope John Paul II.

16.) I have a degree in Political Science, and that’s why I’m an artist.  What?

My right thumb is shorter than my left thumb.

18.) I will murder you in Counter-Strike.

As a child, I would spend entire afternoons looking at bugs through my uncle’s microscope.

20.) I work best when I have someone or something important to ignore.  So I sometimes hit my mail, click the inbox, then work without lifting my head again for hours.

21.) I sometimes say things just to push buttons.

I don’t like you.

23.) I have gone ape-shit fanboy over many bands over the years, but the one constant favorite since even before high school has been Third Eye Blind.

24.) I listen to everything but reggae.

25.) I’m hungry.