Warm-up: 3.7.12

I was on a Skype call with my buddy EJ while I was sketching this out.  He loves Superman, so I’m sure he’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling in his pants when he finds out.  This was supposed to be just a pencil sketch, but I decided to take it to digital completion since I’m pretty happy about the spirit of it.  I love All-Star, and this is somewhat of a love letter to Morrison and Quitely.

Pencil Flex: Star Wars

No artist worth his salt can run a sketch blog and not do Star Wars.  And we are very very salty artists.  I managed to whip out three pieces before I caught a nasty case of tonsillitis.  Not back at full steam yet as I’m posting this, but certainly feeling a lot better than a coupla days ago.  My midi-chlorian count was in the shit.


Avenger a Day: Hawkeye

Surprisingly fun to draw, this sketch of Clint Barton didn’t feel right until I got around to giving him a slight smirk.  His mask is probably also a lot shorter than usual, but hey… that’s how I draw him.  I never got to know Hawkeye pre-Disassembled, but I have a feeling he’s gonna be my favorite Avenger in the Heroic Age.