Pencil Flex: Disney

It was Kat’s turn to pick a theme, and it sure wasn’t hard to tell she’s been itching to draw some Disney themed stuff for a while.  I was apprehensive at first, as my style doesn’t exactly lend itself to anything this cartoony, but I ended up having a lot more fun than I thought I would.  I had somehow forgotten that the House of Mouse had some of the hottest animated ladiez.  Silly me.

Pencil Flex: X-Men

This fun theme ran for two weeks to coincide with what we predicted was going to be X-Men fever as everyone and her mother was going gaga over Fassbender.  Unfortunately, I caught the bug half way through and could only participate for half the designated period.  Still had a lot of fun with my pieces though, and the experiments I was able to play with are definitely worth revisiting.

Posted here are all of my illustrations.

Visit the site for the whole crew’s art.

Pencil Flex

To keep in theme with my previous journal entry, I bring you yet another thing I did to get over my artistic block — I started a daily sketch blog called Pencil Flex.  And not only that, I kicked it off with two artist buddies whom I greatly admire: Kathryn Layno and Miko Punsalan.  We’ve burned through the first week with a bunch of Lord of the Rings illustrations and decided to do it for one more week since there’s simply too much stuff to cover.  Here are some of my scribblings.  Visit the site to see how much better the other guys are.

Red Sonja

Making a conscious effort to do more iconic hero shots this year.  I get a lot of sequential and composition practice when I work on indies, sure, but the books I’m working on at the moment don’t really have any superheroes in them.  So here begins my trek into heroic posturing.

Avenger a Day: Maria Hill

I’ve always been a little confused as to why Marvel has two short-haired female characters running around in S.H.I.E.L.D. outfits (the other one being Daisy from Secret Warriors), so my visual cue for Hill is slightly longer hair, which is pretty much how she’s depicted in Invincible Iron Man.

Also, I didn’t think it was appropriate to put a S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem on her arm, so I made up a Star-Avengers A hybrid.  Hope nobody minds.


This is my interim piece before i plunge into another ‘poster project’ … I’ve always held a fascination for World War II history and have long thought about doing a piece showcasing its top political and military leaders.

Below is one of my brother Roby’s new sketches featuring selected historical figures.  You can see the rest of the art here.