What’s Wrong with Comics?

My buddy Sully and I have had many discussions revolving around qualms and drawbacks with the comic medium, and he just recently found a chunk of time to dump it all onto a work journal mega-entry of sorts.  Being a fledgling writer more than just an avid collector, he has a bigger stake in caring about the sequential art form than most, so it makes for a pretty comprehensive read.

Check out the entries, you might even learn a thing or two:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Our own discussions often devolve from How can we fix things to How can we fix what we use to fix things… and then to boobies.  There’s also the occasional and unavoidable comparison between comics and manga… also he’s a gamer… so be warned… he tends to wander.

Dyslexic penguins go, “ploo ploo ploo…”

Week Five

Holy shitcocks! We’re closing in on the deadline week! I haven’t exactly been slacking or anything, but I think it’s safe to say I’m not gonna make the October 15 deadline unless I make some serious sacrifices in quality. No one’s been sending angry emails or anything… yet… so I’ll just carry on at this steady pace. Not too happy about missing my first professional deadline, but I am juggling two books. Looking back, overcommitting might not have been the smartest, most responsible course of action possible… but fuck it but I gotta focus on making these pages the best they can possibly be.

Still in talks about doing that horror book with the horror guy, but I haven’t had time to do the concept sketches yet. Watched From Hell for reference though. Hint. Also, Heather Graham as a redhead prostitute? Win. I’ve had to make the horror guy wait, though he does know I have books on my plate. Oh well, he’ll drop me if he drops me.

Cut to image of a battered Luke Skywalker from Empire, “Don’t drop me, horror guuuuuuy!!!”

Yeah, that was in the special extended edition.

Also had to turn down a potentially fun project with a published writer this week on account of the fact that the logistics of it weren’t quite… desirable. Wow. Welcome to Vagueville. The split-ownership deal was sweet though, so it’s definitely worth revisiting. Cool guy too, so we may yet get to do something in the future. Hope hope.

:::: :::: :::: ::::

Sully’s finally piecing together a mini to pitch. Whether or not I’m the guy to draw it still remains to be seen, but I’m just glad he’s actually moving on it already. Guy’s got some good ideas. Short attention span? Sure. Gaming addiction? Definitely. But I’ll bet my Pope John Paul II comics (really) that whatever he’s got up his sleeve is just gonna melt everyone’s balls off. Chunkily.

:::: :::: :::: ::::

A buncha friends from town are returning to their roots and stepping up their sequentials as well. Fantastic, that. Couldn’t be more glad. Coz when you’re the only one ever doing it, the feeling that it’s all self-indulgence honestly can’t be avoided. Being in a group lends it a semblance of legitimacy at least. Viking and Mike are whipping up Hellboy five-pagers based on a plot I hacked out while Santini’s doing Spidey. I can’t be more excited.

:::: :::: :::: ::::

Sifting through Suicide Girl photos with co-genius Matt.


:::: :::: :::: ::::

BEAST BOY JOE (yes, yes, I know) will be scrapped, reconceptualized, and rebooted. The tentative new title is JOHNNY BEASTLING since JOE EVOLVER just sounds too much like… vulva. No yeah really, that is the only real smidgen of real thought that went into that. I don’t know. I’m dumb. Traded brainfarts with Derrick Fish via magical clicky machine about how to make the main character not seem like too much of a furry. God help me.