80s Nostalgia Dream Teams

It’s close to midnight, I just finished prelim pencils for a page, and I need to let the fanboy out to play for a bit before I bust out the inks.  My first list was flawed in that I pretty much chose the slowest artists ever, but hey… I figure that covers the wish aspect of it.  This time around, instead of comics, I figured I’d do something a little different and picked only 80’s cartoons.
1.) Silverhawks – Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke
2.) Thundercats – Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
3.) Tigersharks – Tony Bedard and Andy Clarke
4.) Centurions – Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen
5.) Dino-Riders – Jeph Loeb and Arthur Adams
6.) Ninja Turtles – Matt Fraction and Jerome Opena
7.) He-Man – Ed Brubaker and Frank Cho
8.) Ghostbusters – Rick Remender and Tony Moore
9.) Inhumanoids – Mark Waid and Ryan Ottley
10.) Visionaries – Grant Morrison and Carlos Pacheco