Horror Classics II: Restless Corpse

HC2 continues with my illustration of a zombie.  And who doesn’t love zombies?  I’m a huge fan of Tony Moore’s work, and The Walking Dead was an absolute favorite of mine when he was still on it.  Moore actually applies the completely realistic detail of the lips and tongue being the first couple of things to visibly decompose or be consumed by maggots.  This piece can be compared to THE CURSED KING and CHILD OF ALCHEMY, with biggest difference being the blankness of the stare, which the other two pieces didn’t have.

Horror Classics: Child of Alchemy

Finally got to set aside a chunk of time today so that I could make a little something for myself.  I’ve been meaning to get back to the Horror Classics series for a while, but work’s been keeping me occupied.

Anyway… Frankenstein’s monster.

It’s heavily inspired by the De Niro-Branagh rendition because I felt that stayed truest to Shelley’s original text.  I decided to have him sort of licking himself to connote a perverted nature.  The creature was always nothing but a construct of flesh and pure animal instinct, so I hope that carries across here.


I screwed up the tongue in the initial stages, but I think I corrected it in the colors phase.


Prints available at my DA store.