We Have an Office and Everything

As promised, PATCHWORK COMICS has begun its diffusion into the collective comic psyche:

The Mask of Manolomanolo-plug2
Issue #1, 28pgs, b&w, color cover.
Alveraz Ricardez
John Amor
Ed Brisson

In the wake of his Mother’s suicide a young man falls into the delusional world of El Fabuloso Caballero, a quixotic crusader on a quest to save the world from itself. After falling in love with a precocious young girl with cancer, Manolo embarks on an adventure to save his symbolic sweetheart and redeem himself of his past misfortunes. Meanwhile his hapless father sets out to find his runaway son and return him to reality.

This 12-part series blends a poetic story by Alveraz Ricardez with poignant and clean pencils by John Amor. With letters by Ed Brisson these three cohesive artists come together and drive a passionate albeit quirky stake through the heart of all indie-lovers seeking unique characters and a breathtaking adventure.

Buy.  This.  Comic.

Also available at the site are Karl Slominski’s ballsy sci-fi tale RAYGUN COWBOYS, a whole slew of retarded-fresh webcomics, and some nifty loot.  So get on over there and put one of us through college.

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